World Youth Day 2022 World Youth Day History, Theme, Activities

World Youth Day 2022 World Youth Day

World Youth Day – On August 12th we celebrate World Youth Day all over the world. It is an annual tradition to celebrate World Youth Day on August 12 each year. Young people are the leaders of the nation. The whole world is ruled by young people. A child cannot govern such a country. An old man can do nothing for the good of the country.

In between, young people rule the country and the whole world with their own hands. With the intellect and spirit of young people who have put the world in their hands. The young people did everything that was impossible with their physical strength. So there is no one comparable to youth.

Young people can do what they want. They are not impossible. And so we celebrate a day called World Youth Day to further inspire all the struggle activities of these young people. On this day we declare our solidarity with the work of young people and continue to support them.


Youth Day Story

World Youth Day originated at a General Assembly in 1999. Subsequently, the Lisbon Government launched World Youth Day at the World Conference in Lisbon, August 8-12, 1999. She declared August 12, 1999, World Youth Day.

On that day, legislation was passed in the General Assembly to raise awareness for all global youth activities to facilitate the journey of awareness in support of people’s work. One of the icons of this day is that the young people choose a theme for the day and the members of the youth organization do their best to improve it.

World Youth Day

Different youth organizations run different programs. The programs will encourage and motivate young people to work. You will be informed of all works around the world. And it will help instill the mentality of working for your country. That raises awareness in the country.

Youth Day Theme

The call of World Youth Days is to build international relationships and work together to find an active young partner in the global community. And this success cannot be achieved without the participation of young people. The youngsters managed this task in no time at all. There is a story with many successes. Young people contributed to all of them.

Create a World For All Ages

The aim of International Youth Day 2022 is to reinforce the message all ages need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and leave no one behind. It will also shed light on issues of specific barriers to generational strength, particularly ageism, which affects young people and adults while negatively impacting society at large.

Age discrimination is an insidious and often overlooked issue of well-being, freedom and empowerment that affects both more established and younger demographics around the world. Similarly, ageism constantly collides with other types of predispositions (such as prejudice and sexism), affecting people in ways that prevent them from fulfilling their full potential and fully engaging in their territory.

World Youth Day 2022 World Youth Day

The World Report on Age Discrimination, published by the United Nations in March 2022, highlights that despite the lack of scrutiny, young people continue to reveal age-related limitations in various areas of their lives such as work, political cooperation, well-being and justice. The report also highlights intergenerational mediation as one of the three key systems to combat age discrimination. Cross-generational practices can also create a more tangible sense of social connectedness and build cross-generational strength. Strength through the centuries is the key to the economic turn of events.

Age limit for youth day

Young people from all over the world can take part in Youth Day. Young people can take part in various events. However, not everyone can be called young. Persons under the age of 18 are not considered minors. Again, those over 35 are not young. Therefore, they will not participate in Youth Day programs. In other words, we refer to young people between 18 and 35 years old.

Youth Day activities

Young people around the world can organize various activities on World Youth Days. Like educational radio shows. Here you will fix the conversation of young people and others. Facebook will hold an AGM on WhatsApp. Or organize a debate competition about young people’s contribution to the day. Start a youth association. Where young people, thanks to their active participation, share their teachings among themselves. There will be a concert to celebrate Youth Day. A young person creates a fact sheet at his school or university to find out about the various issues related to youth in the city.

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