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Valentine's Day Wishes

Welcome to Valentine’s Day on February 14. Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Valentine’s Day has crossed the borders of Italy and stirred up the whole world today. Earlier this day was celebrated only by Christians. But nowadays this day is equally popular among Bengalis. Especially this day is very important to all lovers. The romantic touch of lovers makes this day even brighter. And so I have prepared this post to make the day a little more emotional for you. Here you will find Valentine’s Day History, Poems, SMS, Wishes, Pics all here.



History of Valentine’s Day

In 269 AD, there was a doctor named Saint Valentine in Rome, Italy. Along with that he preached Christianity. He was caught by the king while preaching and imprisoned. While in prison, he cured the blind daughter of the jailer by treating her. This enraged the king and killed him on 14 February. Since then, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated on February 14 all over Italy. It is gradually being celebrated as Valentine’s Day in several countries of the world, gradually following the culture. Making this day romantic, it is an important day for current lovers.


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day means love day. We observe this day on 14th of February every year. Although history says otherwise, the importance of this Valentine’s Day is immense for the present day people. 14th is Valentine’s Day but its season starts from 7th February. 7th to 14th of February these days are very important for two people in love.

Valentine’s Day means an essential important day for two lovers. Two lovers are close to each other on this day. The language of the mind exchanges ideas. Gets a chance to spend some time in love. Although it is not a public holiday, we all have a lot of imagination around that day.


Happy Valentine’s Day

We want to wish our loved ones in different ways on different days. In the same way, on Valentine’s Day, we wish to wish our loved ones. Sometimes we can send greetings directly and sometimes we can send greetings through social media.

Valentine's Day Wishes

Valentine’s Day SMS

Sometimes we keep a lot of things in our mind. What I want to say to the people I love. Sometimes find the right time. We can express the language of our mind in the form of SMS and give it as a gift to our loved ones. After which other people will be overwhelmed.


Valentine’s Day Poems

Many poets or writers have written many poems about Valentine’s Day, the poems touch our hearts. We can also write Valentine’s poems in our own language and gift them to our loved ones. Write your favorite poem and gift it to your loved ones.


Valentine’s Day Peak

We hope to get likes and comments by uploading various Valentine’s Day pictures on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Imu, Twitter or other social media.

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